The Garden Residence Floor Plan and Site Plan Coming Soon

There are many things one should consider before signing a contract for buying The Garden Residences @ Serangoon North Ave 1 and one of them is to know actually what is being bought. If the property is complete it is easy but what if it is under construction or is just an empty plot of land? This is what makes The Garden Residences floor plan very handy.

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The funny looking symbols on a plan make it look like a very difficult task to read one. Most people can only determine the number of rooms and washrooms from a floor plan. However, having basic knowledge about these plans can make a world of difference.

Below is some general knowledge on how you can read a floor plan.


To orientate yourself with a floor plan, the trick is to find the main door. Once that is done it is easier to visualise the rest of the floor and how it is laid out.

To find doors, look for quarter circles. Doors are not just used to help with orientation but to show whether rooms are connected. As an example, if the master bedroom were to have a door that opens in to a bathroom, it would be called an en-suite bathroom.

Another thing to note is which way the arc of the door swings towards. Except bomb shelters in HDB flats, most doors in Singapore homes open inwards.


Most potential home owners look for a home which has ample natural light and ventilation. There are two types of windows. Thin hollow lines mean that the window is sliding while the casement windows have a symbol similar to doors except that it comes in pairs.


Many homes have walls that can be removed to create an open-concept home. There are two types of walls; structural walls which bear the weight of the structure and non-structural walls which cannot. Structural walls cannot be safely removed from the building while non-structural walls can be removed from the building. It is easy to differentiate structural and non-structural walls. Structural walls are depicted by thick bold lines while non-structural walls are shown by thin lines.

Floor Layout:

It is imperative that buyers understand how the floor is laid out in their homes. Imagine yourself standing at the main door and walking into your home. Do you like the feel of your apartment?

Some people prefer corridors while others don’t. Corridors can be sued to separate public and private places of the home. Some people prefer the kitchen area close to the main entrance to ensure that it is easy to move groceries out of the car.


Some floor plans incorporate the actual dimensions in millimetres. This is useful in case one would want to estimate the size and dimensions of the rooms.


Shape is necessary to consider. The best shapes are box like as it is difficult to use odd corners.


Another great thing to know about is the Private Enclosed Space (PES) and the sizes vary. Some people want a PES large enough to accommodate a party while others do not want it at all.


Some condominiums have large cupboards and this saves homeowners huge costs of renovation. Floor plans describe the location and size of the cupboards.